SGRPRO deals with:

  • Industrial Research and development of sustainable technologies aimed at reducing the environmental impact and energy consumption.
  • Technical-scientific support, reviews of technical-economic congruity, energy, and environmental impact studies.
  • High level consultancy in process management and fine-tuning of operational parameters to improve plant performance.
  • CFD analysis and numerical modelling activities.
  • Glass furnace heat balance analysis and other furnace monitoring activities.
  • Courses: specific training courses, staff training.

Professionalism and concrete knowledge of glass production

Professionalism and deep knowledge of glass production,  quality of services, relationships with leading academic and research centers and the strong capacity for innovation, allows  SGRPRO to achieve long-term results, our team assists our clients making more efficient and educated choices.

Our Services

  • Detection and calculation of the furnace heat balance – highly specialized service, equivalent to a medical check-up of the furnace.
  • Thermodynamic calculation and CFD – performed by technicians of proven experience by means of a modelling repeatedly verified on the results of the field.
  • Endoscopy – programmed, emergency or in conjunction with other services, on furnace, recovery systems and foreheaths.
  • Thermography – evaluation of the thermal profile of the structures through infrared thermal camera.
  • Training – teaching courses on glass, furnaces and glassworks, customized topics according to needs; basic, intermediate, expert level.
  • Consulting – furnace conduction optimization, combustion optimization, carbon management, NOx management, SWOT analysis, etc.
  • Innovation – promotion, participation and management of funded and non-funded research projects, scouting calls and building partnerships.
SGRPRO Sustainable Glass Research Professionals