Basic to advanced and on request courses

The courses are held by SGRPRO and Stara Glass staff, who have extensive experience related to glass production, engineering, computing and training.

Basic Course


Suitable for introducing glassworks to technical staff.

The basic course describes what a glass is and how furnaces and sites are designed. It provides data of the emissions generated by glass production and how to adequately reduce them.

Advanced Course


The advanced course quickly reviews the topics of the basic course, then focuses more on: glass defects, technical characteristics of the furnaces; including materials and equipment and specific technologies for the containment of emissions. The course is aimed at optimizing energy and environmental performance and the use of innovative technologies.

Course on request


By analyzing the list of topics included in the courses, the client can compose the course that best suits his needs, potentially including chemical and physical principles and/ or the use of specific equipment.

The customer can select the items of interest from our “course menu”.

SGRPRO Sustainable Glass Research Professionals