What is SGRPRO?

SGRPRO (Sustainable Glass Research Professionals) is an innovative Start-Up established in 2017 following the experiences gained within the LIFE Prime Glass project that was coordinated by Stara Glass.

Stara Glass operates within the technical framework, design, construction and operation of melting furnaces for glass production and is assisted by the University of Genoa and further partnerships with Academic Institutions and Italian and European Research Centers.

SGRPRO was established with the idea of strengthening and enhancing the technical-scientific side of the Hydra Group.

Our Team

  • Stara Glass – Furnaces and forehearth design and construction for glass production, coordination of the companies of the Hydra Group for the glass market
  • Stara Tech – Plant design, equipment, instrumentation and process control
  • DEREF – Demolition, disposal and recovery of refractory materials
  • CREFIN – Construction / labor
  • HSC – Hot works, start-ups
  • SGRPRO – Specialized computing, monitoring and technological innovation
SGRPRO Sustainable Glass Research Professionals