Thermography is an important activity for the maintenance of glass furnaces, with the help of infrared technology it is possible to detect, promptly and in a non-destructive way, both the weak points and the worn ones, in addition to any infiltration zones.

SGRPRO, during the thermography activity, are already able to provide the customer with suggestions on possible maintenance operations, useful to verify the integrity of the structures.

Termografia per manutenzione forni da vetro, SGRPRO (1)
Termografia per manutenzione forni da vetro, SGRPRO (3)

Plant Status report

The customer will be informed of the state of the plant and will receive a comprehensive report of the images collected that will summarize data:

  • Condition of refractory structures.
  • The most worn structures with the approximate indication of the residual thickness.
  • The approximate distribution of air infiltration.
  • Areas where urgent action is required.

Including a list of corrective actions that will allow to both monitor performance and increase the lifespan of the system.

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