Heat balance

The furnace condition

Heat balance is an “evidence basedassessment, carried out by our high-level technicians, that depicts the “bill of healthof the furnace while in operation. SGRPRO, during the heat balance exercise, are already able to provide the customer with useful suggestions on how to improve the furnace efficiency.

  • Check the general plant conditions.
  • Maximize performance, in terms of consumption and quality.
  • Identify strength and weakness of the furnace, in order to solve present problems and optimize next campaign design.
  • Verify the precision of measure instruments installed on the plant.

Heat balance is a 3-5 days assessment, performed by specialists finalized at achieving a bill of health of the furnace. An optimized furnace conduction can lead to significant energy and emission savings.


Computing results are evaluated by technicians that, in their career, have computed hundreds of heat balances on different types of plants (end-port, unit melter, oxy fuel, electric furnaces, hybrid furnaces):

  • The customer receives a report in form of a presentation, of all measured values and a document that describes the status of the plant and suggests the suggested corrective actions.
  • The measurements taken on the plant will feed into SGRPRO computing models, that in turn will provide the customer with an updated and more effective design tool.
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